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Why get Dental


Platinum Dental Care Park City uses dental x-rays to help find hidden decay that we could otherwise miss. Over the years we have found that x-rays are one of the best ways to get a better look at the inside of your mouth.

Protect your teeth and schedule dental x-rays at your next teeth cleaning appointment.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy!

Dental X-Rays are a great way to get a closer look at your teeth to identify any issues. It is best to get x-rays every 6-18 months. It is pretty easy to get dental x-rays. All we do is put a small receiver in your mouth which takes the image and transmits it to our computer. In just a few minutes the x-rays are ready to use. 

Getting regular dental x-rays helps us to provide a closer look at what is happening with your teeth. It gives us more than a surface view and aids in detecting problems early.

Benefits of

Dental X-Rays

  • Less radiation
  • More comfortable because the sensor is small and a more comfortable fit
  • Images develop quickly
  • Magnified images (We can enlarge or diminish the size if we need to)
  • Earth friendly as they don’t use chemicals to develop

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