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What is a


Veneers are similar to fake nails because they cover the natural tooth and enhance the natural beauty of your teeth. They are made out of porcelain or pressed ceramic and adhere to the front surface and biting edge of a tooth.

They strengthen your natural teeth while whitening them because of the material they are made of. Platinum Dental care is ready to help you improve your smile through the use of Veneers. Call our office today to find out if Veneers can help your smile. 

Improve your Natural Smile

Veneers can help change your smile in so many positive ways. Most patients share that they are happy with the results after getting veneers. Veneers can fix chipped teeth, repair cracks, and teeth that are misshapen.

Our team is caring and focused on making your smile bright and happy and natural looking.

What are Veneers

used for?

  • Fixes chips and cracks
  • Saves natural teeth
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Hides misaligned teeth
  • Repairs teeth with worn enamel


Repair and restore your teeth with Veneers! Call our office to schedule a consultation. 

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