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Tooth Extraction

When you were a child a visit from the tooth fairy after losing a tooth was exciting but it seems that as we grow older it is much less thrilling. There are various reasons a person might need a tooth pulled but whatever it is we do our best to make it a comfortable experience for you. 

Our office team is highly trained to take care of extractions and can offer advice to help make your recovery smooth and less painful. Call our office today to find out if a tooth extraction is right for you. 

What is tooth extraction like?

In one appointment we can extract the tooth that is causing you issues. It will take some time for your mouth to recover after that but you can do that by resting and taking it easy for a few days. 

At the appointment we will numb the tooth and area surrounding it with a local anesthetic injection. This will make it so you can’t feel it as it is being extracted. Each tooth has to be removed from the bone and ligament to prevent damage and infection. Once you have recovered we can talk about options to replace the missing tooth such as a dental bridge or dental implant. 

Why would I need a

Tooth Extraction?

  • Mouth trauma
  • Damage
  • Decay
  • Overcrowding
  • Wisdom teeth

No matter why you personally need a tooth extraction, know that you are in good hands at Platinum Dental Care Park City. Schedule your consultation today!

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