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Keep your smile bright with

Teeth Whitening!

When your teeth first grow in they are perfectly white and bright but over time they often begin to be stained or discolored. This is a natural part of life but dental improvements have found ways to return teeth to their natural white color.

Patients often comment that when they have a whitened smile they experience a boost of confidence because of the renewed aesthetic beauty of their smile. Call our office today to begin your smile transformation! 

No need to fear teeth whitening

Many of our patients are interested in teeth whitening but have some fears about possible side effects. Some bleaching options can cause tooth sensitivity or discomfort. Most of the time this happens when using high amounts of the bleach. It is better to approach teeth whitening slowly. If we use lower amounts of whitener over a longer amount of time we end up with great results and patients are less likely to experience tooth sensitivity. 

Another option is the new light tooth whitening system available at our office. It does not cause tooth sensitivity and the treatments take place in our office where a member of our team is monitoring you. 

If you find yourself curious about a certain brand of teeth whitener and want a medical opinion, a member of our team is happy to consult with you about its effectiveness and what side effects you may experience.

Why would I need

Teeth Whitening?

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Eating foods containing tannins
  • Drinking coffee/tea
  • Drinking ports drinks
  • Smoking habits 

Keep your teeth white your whole life with the help of teeth whitening. Call our office to schedule your tooth whitening consultation! 


Don't wait to visit Platinum Dental Care Park City to bring your natural healthy smile to life.