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Orthodontic Care

When it comes to taking care of your dental needs, Platinum Dental Care Park City does everything we can to take care of ALL of them. This is why we offer orthodontic care right in our office! 

Our compassionate team is highly trained to provide you with dental adjustments to straighten teeth, fix incorrect bites, and realign your teeth. Call today to schedule a consultation for your braces.

Types of Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of braces. They are the most noticeable but are the cheapest option.

Ceramic braces are a similar size and design as metal braces. One neat thing about them is that the brackets are clear/tooth colored which makes them less noticeable.

Self-ligating braces don’t use rubber bands or metal ties to adjust the teeth. Instead we use brackets to help adjust the teeth.

Lingual braces are almost impossible to notice from the outside because the wires and brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth.

No matter what kind of braces you choose, our team is willing to help you out!

Keep your teeth clean

while you have braces

  • Floss every day (even if it is hard to reach between the brackets)
  • Brush a few times every day
  • Clean between brackets
  • Remove food that gets trapped between braces
  • Avoid sticky candies and foods
  • Attend your regular orthodontist visits to keep them clean and healthy

Don't wait to visit Platinum Dental Care Park City to bring your natural healthy smile to life.