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What is


Gingivitis sounds like a scary diagnosis but the good news is that it is a common type of gum disease and is easily treated.

The best type of treatment is to maintain excellent oral hygiene. This includes getting regular dental cleanings so that any plaque build up is removed before it causes areas for bacteria to grow.

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Why should I keep my gums healthy

Treating gingivitis is always an option but it is a better idea to try and prevent it. Gums are what protect the roots of your teeth. If you neglect them they can start to recede and once this happens the gum won’t grow back. 

Healthy gums protect against tooth loss, bone loss, and more extreme cases of gum disease such as Periodontitis.

Symptoms of


  • Red, tender, and swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums while brushing of flossing
  • General gum sensitivity

If you notice any of these signs regularly please give us a call to schedule an appointment to get back to having healthy gums. 

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