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Want Fewer Cavities?

Use Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral found in your bones and teeth that is naturally occurring. Sometimes teeth may be lacking their protective fluoride covering which puts your teeth in danger of getting cavities, or bacteria growth.

Find out if your teeth have enough fluoride by scheduling an appointment at our office today. 

Easy ways to get fluoride on your teeth

Water is one great way to make sure you are getting fluoride because it is naturally found in it! By just drinking water you can protect your teeth from decay. 

Other options include using a fluoride based toothpaste, mouth rinse, or other supplements. Your doctor or dental hygienist is happy to suggest products if you need more fluoride for your teeth. 

Positive Results of Using


  • Patients have fewer cavities
  • Teeth are strengthened
  • Mineral loss from the tooth enamel is slowed
  • Prevents oral bacteria
  • Can reverse early signs of tooth decay


Keep your teeth strong with fluoride! Schedule an appointment to check the fluoride levels in your teeth. 

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