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What are

Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are another method for repairing missing teeth. They are different from dental bridges because they don’t require modification to the teeth that are surrounding the missing teeth

Dental implants are meant to look natural and act as normal teeth. This means you can eat normal food and maintain your natural smile. Call our office today to find out if dental implants are the right option for you.

What to Expect when getting a Dental Implant

Platinum Dental is committed to keeping your smile looking its best, which is why our office offers dental implants. They take a couple of visits to install but once they are part of your teeth you will almost not be able to tell it is a false tooth.

At the first appointment an implant will be directly placed into the bone. It replaces the root of the tooth which means it needs time to heal so it can fuse with the bone to be effective. 

At the second appointment a false tooth is attached to the implant where the missing tooth was. We’ll schedule this part of the implant after the implant has had time to heal and properly fuse with your jawbone. 

Benefits of getting a

Dental Implant

  • Looks like a normal tooth
  • Works like a natural tooth
  • Can eat normal foods
  • Slows or stops bone loss
  • Permanent solution for a missing tooth
  • Restores self esteem

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